The Hackathon will be built around real-world challenges that enterprises are facing today. 

Challenge(s) will be revealed on Friday evening, 5 pm CST.

"Team Building" on the official Future of Work slack channel is now live:

Teams will validate the problem, design a solution and build a prototype to showcase on Sunday to the judges who are executives from the industries above.

Judging Criteria:


1. Customer / Problem Validation

How practical is the problem for the entire industry? Are we truly solving a pain point for an entire industry or is this a nice to have for one organization? Who did you consult to validate this problem?

2. User Experience / Customer Experience

How will the customer or the user interact with your solution? Why is your proposed interaction the most efficient way? What are the alternatives in comparison?

3. Speed of implementation

If you were to implement it today, how quickly can we deploy the solution? How many people, departments and other roadblocks that you would potentially face?

4. Immediate Monetary Impact / Value Add

Once correctly implemented, what is the projected value of this solution? Can you show it in terms of the potential hours saved, cost reduced or revenue generated?


Mentorship and Judging


Each team will have assigned mentors from the chosen industry track. The teams will coordinate times with their mentors for feedback throughout the hackathon.

Judging will be conducted at 1:30 CST on 05/10/2020 through live-stream. All teams should be prepared to present by 1 pm.

Winners will be announced at 6 pm on 05/10/2020.



There will be 1st & 2nd place winners per each challenge. Please see prize section.