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about 3 years ago

**IMPORTANT** LIVE Presentation | Judging Criteria | Prizes

Good evening Hackers!!!

We've heard great things from our mentors about the progress you've made and we are excited to see you present LIVE in front of our judges tomorrow at 1:00 pm CT. 

Submission deadline is in less than 12 HOURS!

We expect you to be able to screenshare into the live presentation (Google Slides / PowerPoint / Keynote), showcase any prototypes, designs and concepts that you've built, and tell us how you plan to make an impact TODAY.

Each team will have:

Max 2 Presenters

5 mins of presentation

3 mins of Q&A

Once again, all 10 of our judges will be scoring each team based on these criteria here:

Customer / Problem Validation 

How practical is the problem for the entire industry? Are we truly solving a pain point for an entire industry or is this a nice to have for one organization? Who did you consult to validate this problem?

User Experience / Customer Experience 

How will the customer or the user interact with your solution? Why is your proposed interaction the most efficient way? What are the alternatives in comparison?

Speed of Implementation 

If you were to implement it today, how quickly can we deploy the solution? How many people, departments and other roadblocks that you would potentially face?

Immediate Impact / Value Add 

Once correctly implemented, what is the projected value of this solution? Can you show it in terms of the potential hours saved, cost reduced or revenue generated?

We have total of $9,000 in prizes that will be awarded to 3 winners based on the criteria above:

Future of Work 1st Place - $5,000
Future of Work 2nd Place - $3,000
Future of Work 3rd Place - $1,000

See you all soon!

Happy Hacking, 

Future of Work Organizers